clean aerosol cans
Made in Switzerland 

About us

The company CONINGTECH GmbH is located in Guntershausen. At the beginning CONINGTECH GmbH was an engineering office and has realized various customer orders as well as consulting tasks for necking machines, washing machines and other products. The CONINGTECH GmbH products are manufactured in Guntershausen and mostly tested on site.

Meanwhile, an experience of more than 30 years has accumulated in the production of aerosol cans and the required machinery.

Our machines and systems are in daily use worldwide.


We offer efficient products with the highest degree of efficiency


The CONINGTECH GmbH has a flexible team with great know-how.


2017 development 4 zones washing machine

2015 development 6 zones washing machine

2014 First products in use

           Consulting activities

2013 Foundation by Erich Kisslig


We are constantly investing in the development of our products in order to increase efficiency.

CFD Simulation of the CONINGTECH oven