clean aerosol cans
Made in Switzerland 

CONINGTECH 4 Cabine Washing Machine

The washing machine with 4 zones is designed for speeds up to 150 cans / minute. The machine is almost completely made of stainless steel.

Specifications Standard washing machine:

4-zone washing machine
Last zone with demineralized water   
4 pumps   
2 mixer for the mixing of the detergent   
3 conductivity measuring probes   
3 PT100 temperature sensors   
3 safety thermostats   
8 ultrasonic water level gauge   
4 transfer drums   
1 zone has a bath volume of approx. 500 liters   
6 bathroom heaters   
Spray pressure monitoring  
Chain length approx. 76 m   
Lead time approx. 6.7 min   
Floor pan for catching water

CONINGTECH Washing Machine